Our Story


The Mylk Maid is a family run business based in Guernsey which produces natural and delicious plant mylks. Our focus is to provide a modern day mylk delivery service with a product which is good for you and our planet. 

We only ever use glass bottles for our plant mylks and these are delivered island wide in our electric van. We then collect, sanitise and reuse the bottles to begin the process again.

We offer fresh and pasteurised mylks, our fresh mylks are best within 4 days from being produced and our pasteurised have a shelf life of 7 days, we gently pasteurise at a low temperature of 63.5° in order to extend our shelf life but without destroying the products nutrients. Our ingredients are completely natural and pronouncable and we never add emulsifiers, gums or other man made minerals. Because of this, the product will separate when it settles, but just a quick shake and it will be brand new again. 


Our philosophy at The Mylk Maid is to be as zero waste as possible and to operate with a moral responsibility to the environment and the wildlife which we share this planet with. We aim to be part of the solution to the environmental issues which we are all facing and not part of the problem.


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